|A lost soul|

At a social family gathering,
I felt a bit suffocated and out of it…
I didn’t have a car and wearing my formal attire
Nonetheless, I decide to go for a walk around the neighborhood… No destination other than killing the time… I remembered a quiet park nearby
So went there and sat.. Alone .. Nothing on my mind… I looked around.. Emptiness… I thought of how lost my soul is…
How void-full my life seems to be
I took a deep breath
Suddenly with all this calmness and quietness.. A sense of peace downed on my soul and heart…
A voice inside telling me it’s ok to feel like this
Don’t fight it
Pain and searching are part of “to be”
Embrace it
Surrender to it… You will meet other lost souls who will comfort and support you in your journey… I take another deep breath
With smile this time… My phone rings!
I answer
Dad is shouting “where the hell have you been lets go all the family is leaving…”



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